Book IV






Eyes Wide Shut

 PSALM 1999

Nicole Kidman Eyes Wide Shut

The Lord the Holy King

1 The LORD is king, the peoples tremble;
God is enthroned on the cherubim, the earth quakes.

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2 The LORD is great on Zion, exalted above all the peoples.

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3 Let them praise your great and awesome name: Holy is God!

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4 O mighty king, lover of justice, you alone have established fairness;

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you have created just rule in Jacob.

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5 Exalt the LORD, our God; bow down before his footstool; holy is God!

Dollar Bill Protocols of Zion

6 Moses and Aaron were among his priests, Samuel
among those who called on God's name;
they called on the LORD, who answered them.

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7 From the pillar of cloud God spoke to them; they kept the decrees,
the law they received.

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8 O LORD, our God, you answered them; you were a forgiving God,
though you punished their offenses.

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9 Exalt the LORD, our God; bow down before his holy mountain;
holy is the LORD, our God.


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