Book III






Eyes Wide Shut

Psalm 89

To anoint the sick, to secure a release from prison, for psychic vision.

 PSALM 1989

Yelstin Drunk

Prayer for the Fulfillment
of God's Promises to David

1 A maskil of Ethan the Ezrahite.

2 The promises of the LORD I will sing forever,
proclaim your loyalty through all ages.

Cusack Boom Box

3 For you said, "My love is established forever;
my loyalty will stand as long as the heavens.

Milli Vanilli Chest to Chest

4 I have made a covenant with my chosen one;
I have sworn to David my servant:

David Hassellhoff

5 I will make your dynasty stand forever
and establish your throne through all ages." Selah

Like a Prayer 1989

6 The heavens praise your marvels, LORD,
your loyalty in the assembly of the holy ones.

Robotech Opening

7 Who in the skies ranks with the LORD?
Who is like the LORD among the gods?


8 A God dreaded in the council of the holy ones,
greater and more awesome than all who sit there!

Minmei Robotech Join

9 LORD, God of hosts, who is like you?
Mighty LORD, your loyalty is always present.

Chris Elliot Abyss

10 You rule the raging sea; you still its swelling waves.

11 You crushed Rahab with a mortal blow;
your strong arm scattered your foes.

The Abyss Nuke

12 Yours are the heavens, yours the earth;
you founded the world and everything in it.

Lucy Chocolate

13 Zaphon and Amanus you created;
Tabor and Hermon rejoice in your name.

White Knight

14 Mighty your arm, strong your hand,
your right hand is ever exalted.

Captain Robotech

15 Justice and judgment are the foundation of your throne;
love and loyalty march before you.

Yellow Dancer

16 Happy the people who know you, LORD,
who walk in the radiance of your face.

Robotech Smoke

17 In your name they sing joyfully all the day;
at your victory they raise the festal shout.

Fatima World Government

18 You are their majestic strength; by your favor our horn is exalted.

Portugal Horn

19 Truly the LORD is our shield, the Holy One of Israel, our king!

Portugal Shield

20 Once you spoke in vision; to your faithful ones you said:
"I have set a leader over the warriors; I have raised up a hero from the army.


21 I have chosen David, my servant;
with my holy oil I have anointed him.

Powerless Furtado Mojo

22 My hand will be with him; my arm will make him strong.

Hand of Fatima

23 No enemy shall outwit him, nor shall the wicked defeat him.

Square Dance

24 I will crush his foes before him, strike down those who hate him.

Square Dance

25 My loyalty and love will be with him;
through my name his horn will be exalted.

Tiannnemen Square Dance

26 I will set his hand upon the sea, his right hand upon the rivers.

China River Red

27 He shall cry to me,'You are my father, my God,
the Rock that brings me victory!'

Rockefeller bart laugh

28 I myself make him firstborn, Most High over the kings of the earth.

Wayne Gretzky Kings

29 Forever I will maintain my love for him;
my covenant with him stands firm.

Dynasty Wedding Episode

30 I will establish his dynasty forever, his throne as the days of the heavens.

Nelly Furtado Try Days of Heaven

31 If his descendants forsake my law, do not follow my decrees,

Nelly Pregnant Purple

32 If they fail to observe my statutes, do not keep my commandments,

Wooden Spoon Anger

33 I will punish their crime with a rod and their guilt with lashes.

Bargain Dynasty Whip

34 But I will not take my love from him,
nor will I betray my bond of loyalty.

Hold Hands

35 I will not violate my covenant; the promise of my lips I will not alter.

David A.I.

36 By my holiness I swore once for all: I will never be false to David.

David De Rothschild

37 His dynasty will continue forever, his throne, like the sun before me.

Joe Throne Clark

38 Like the moon it will stand eternal, forever firm like the sky!" Selah

New Moon Nelly

39 But now you have rejected and spurned, been enraged at your anointed.

Charles Camilla Eyes Wide Shut

40 You renounced the covenant with your servant,
defiled his crown in the dust.

Cruise Sade Applause

41 You broke down all his defenses, left his strongholds in ruins.

Eyes Wide Shut Mansion Rothschild

42 All who pass through seize plunder; his neighbors deride him.

House of Rothschild

43 You have exalted the right hand of his foes, have gladdened all his enemies.

Timbaland Mosley

44 You turned back his sharp sword, did not support him in battle.

Tony Montante

45 You brought to an end his splendor, hurled his throne to the ground.

Hurl Throne Red Shield

46 You cut short the days of his youth, covered him with shame. Selah

Eyes Shut

47 How long, LORD? Will you stay hidden forever?
Must your wrath smolder like fire?

Sebastian Crusade

48 Remember how brief is my life, how frail the race you created!

Knight of Eulogia

49 What mortal can live and not see death?
Who can escape the power of Sheol? Selah

Sinj Alka

50 Where are your promises of old, Lord, the loyalty sworn to David?

Taylor Swift Joe Winning

51 Remember, Lord, the insults to your servants,
how I bear all the slanders of the nations.

UN Flag Decoded

52 Your enemies, LORD, insult your anointed; they insult my every endeavor.

Nuke Berlin Wall

53 Blessed be the LORD forever! Amen and amen!


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